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Thank You and Goodbye – Really

A quick note:

I have taken down the bulk of the 63 posts written between January 2012 and a few days ago. I will leave this notice up as a final notice. I will revise the blog content toward a possible book in the future – and as much as I’d rather be out on a big boat heading to the Mediterranean, I’m happy to be sailing on in my dreams.

This blog was viewed 12,278 times between the time it began in January of 2012 and July, 2013. I hope it helped a few others along the way. The page (and donate button) will remain up awhile. And I have the email addresses for all subscribers…. just in case. 

My thanks to Kathleen Pratt, Vikki Bouett, Betsy Crowfoot, Layla Angulo, Aisha Carpenter and Carole Wilson for contributing so meaningfully to this story. And to everyone who has helped along the way, may you be blessed 10,000,000,000 times for your kindness. THANK YOU!!

Peace and Plenty to You and Yours!
Shine on!

Carry on!

Live on!

Laugh on!



Buyer Beware: Cancer can be a great marketing device for some natural and alternative cancer ‘gurus’

You’ve heard it said that cancer is big industry. Billions are spent on ‘research’ and ‘treatment’ yet we still have no CURE.

Today I woke to another email that sent me reeling. So many people seem out to make a buck off cancer — prevention or cure — and often in the guise of an ‘alternative’ or ‘natural’ physician who seems to truly ‘care.’

Allow me to save you some time.

If you’ve read my book Everyone’s a Guru, you know WHY I wrote it to begin with. The whole ‘new age’ and other rackets with sales pitches claiming to have the end-all/be-all answer to your every spiritual need is expounded upon so you can learn to carefully weed out the b.s. and actually think for yourself.

Well, the cancer industry has jumped on the band-wagon as well.

The cancer ‘gurus’ out there want what?
And you will be able to practice what when encountering them?

Case in point:

Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health

There’s a not-too-old marketing formula at play. The tool is a presentation-cum-video scam to get your interest, or to scare the crap out of you so you sign on to get more of what they’re promoting.

The videos look something like this:

  • You click a link which takes you to a page for the presentation
  • It’s in video form, but is really just a voice-over to accompanying text
  • A few graphics are tossed in so you think it’s ‘legit’
  • You find NO indicator of length of the presentation
  • NO way to fast forward or backtrack
  • NO way to copy the info to use
  • NO way to cut to the chase regarding what exactly they are offering you

If you’re like me, when you get an email saying, “The 5 best ways to prevent cancer,” you just want to see WHAT those  things are. Instead you have this experience:

– An introduction to the presenter, so you can feel confident the person is qualified.  These are often ‘doctors.’  Their qualifications and training or history are given to build trust.

– About 10 minutes into it we get to the promised list; in this video we are shown the 5 signs:

  • low immune system
  • obesity, or being 20% overweight
  • tobacco
  • sugar and grains
  • toxic water / food/ air/ and medicine

Okay, you spent 10 minutes to learn something already prevalent and readily available online, just in case you’ve been living in a foil-lined cave in Botswana with no wireless, no television, no radio and no newspaper or smoke signals in your ‘hood.’

Then follows the ‘special offer’ or ‘free report’ … and you don’t yet know there’s a sales pitch coming, because you can’t get to that until you watch the entire thing, and hint: the free offer or report is only yours when you BUY something.

First, you must continue to watch or listen.

In this one, there’s the, “But FIRST, you will want to learn how to PREVENT cancer” bit. This comes with  long lists and details you already know

And in case you’ve been lost at sea for the past decade, here it is in a nutshell. Or you can spend 18 minutes waiting to get it from this presentation, or after they toss in and backtrack to other ‘historic data’ so you can feel informed.

At 27 minutes in, they get to a cancer prevention list.

  1. Avoid chemicals, hormones and GMOS in food
    (dairy, beef, chicken, pork, fish)
  2. Avoid aspartame, diet-drinks and artificial sweeteners (in a large percentage of the food supply)
  3. Avoid sugar (use raw honey or organic stevia)
  4. Avoid all refined and processed foods
  5. Avoid chlorine and fluoride
  6. Avoid partially hydrogenated oils (use coconut and olive)
  7. Avoid common table salt (devoid of nutrients) and instead use organic SEA salt
  8. Avoid dental work, especially silver amalgam
  9. Avoid all heavy metals
  10. Watch out for low iodine levels
  11. Avoid radiation exposure, including all x-rays and mammograms (damage is cumulative), etc.

Okay so that’s 11 not 7, but because there are a lot of ‘facts’ tossed in, you’ve lost track of the count.

Bottom line: Avoid a low pH and keep your immune system performing optimally.

More minutes are spent discussing such details as how the food industry(e.g. breads) long ago replaced iodine with bromine, and this caused problems for consumers, i.e. low iodine levels.  All to save the food processors money. And perhaps you learn how most  people are deficient in iodine, b12, magnesium, vita d , sulfur, zinc, chromium, potassium, or whatever. If you eat the typical American fast-food, processed diet, you would of course know this.

Throughout the presentation, you see something like, “Just ahead I’ll give you the info I promised at the beginning but first …” and there’s a plug for the “free” book. In this example, it’s ‘Guide to Healthy Eating’ –  currently $18.00 on Amazon.

At 24 minutes in comes the ‘Free report’ offer … again.. showing info that is, again, readily and freely available online currently on countless sites.

Note: ‘FREE’ is often in red as is the word ‘cancer’ and these are seen repetitively throughout. Are you feeling programmed yet? Alongside the use of red is the use of the phrase, “Just ahead I’ll show you” at which point you get the, “OH AND I ALSO HAVE a free report on ‘Heart disease.’

At 32 minutes in more teasers for more things to read/ download/ purchase.  A book, newsletter, and OH YES, access to the ‘members only area’ …  ALL FOR ONE LOW PRICE.

Wait a minute! You thought he was offering something FREE. To HELP you.


The whole thing results in a 30 to 45 minute TEASE.

FINALLY, in this one, at 38 minutes in (And I ask you, WHO has time to sit there that long these days?! – Answer: unemployed people, sick people, scared people) the button shows up to ‘Click for your ‘Cancer Prevention Kit.’

When you do, you learn:

“Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health at the low rate of only $54 for a year. (12 monthly issues), containing great strategies for my optimal health and wellness. Plus, I also receive a 3-month trial subscription to Health Radar!”

(Yes, I cut and pasted that directly from the linked-to info that is separate from the video. It’s copyable text.)

What that presentation also DOESN’T have, beyond my initial list is:

  • COST up front (Um, would you watch if you knew you were going to have to pay something?)
  • Links to outside sources
  • Resources and references

Sometimes (rarely with this marketing formula, aka trick) you do find a link to ‘read this instead of watching.’ That can save you time, however it’s too infrequent. But if you get the newsletter, you only sometimes get actual usuable informtion – most often you are directed to yet ANOTHER of these presentations, toward getting more of your money.

I only watched today so I could write an accurate blog, toward helping YOU learn to discern. Truly, I care.

Another major culprit of this kind of thing is: Cancer Defeated, Lee Euler, Publisher.

There’s a Health Disclaimer on his site: ” The information provided above is not intended as personal medical advice or instructions. You should not take any action affecting your health without consulting a qualified health professional. The authors and publishers of the information above are not doctors or health-caregivers. The authors and publishers believe the information to be accurate but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. There is some risk associated with ANY cancer treatment, and the reader should not act on the information above unless he or she is willing to assume the full risk.”

I know that almost every alternative or preventative cancer treatment requires such, due to the absurdity of the FDA and so forth. I actually purchased the Cancer Defeated program’s book months back. I had to skip food for a week, but I wanted to know what was in it that I might not already know. Answer: hardly anything. But it is in one compact book.

After getting subsequently bombarded with daily emails leading to more of those video presentations, where it takes nearly an hour to actually get to the information they promise to share, I asked for a refund. I received appx. 75% back as I wanted it right away; I could have received the full refund if I’d waited another few weeks.

SIDENOTE: Nowhere in these presentations have I found discussion of a person’s stress levels, lifestyle, spiritual needs, metaphysical considerations and so forth relative to disease. These are critical aspects for consideration. If you want to prevent – or heal from – any disease, these would rightfully be included.

SO, I invite you to share this with all your friends and family because too many people are getting scammed these days. Whether or not these doctors are who they claim to be requires deeper investigation, and will you take the time to contact their alma maters or claimed training programs to make sure they actually are who they say they are?

Feel free to post in the comments section if you have found any similar types of marketing scams.

Why these people think we are too ignorant or too afraid is beyond me. They are after your money. Cancer is big business, you betcha. Not just for mainstream medicine, but also for alternative and complementary and ‘natural’ medicine.

Use your head. Get wise. And share so others don’t get taken for a ride. Talk to your LOCAL Naturopath or Physician and do your homework on EVERYTHING you are told.

Love and every blessing,